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Get the proper legal advice you need before accepting a severance offer. You owe it to yourself and your family

Are You Currently Facing These Employment Law Issues?

Deciding on whether or not to accept a severance package from my employer
Negotiating a better severance package with terms most favourable to you and your family
Workplace challenges such as harassment, discrimination or major changes to the job that were never agreed to
Understanding the terms of an employment agreement before signing it

You Are Never Alone!


jobs have been lost due to COVID-19


COVID-19 expected to increase unemployment rate up to 85% in some regions


of women & 13% of men report experiencing workplace harassment. Many more remain unreported


jobs have been lost in the sales and service sector alone due to COVID-19

Can You Afford Not Doing It Right?

At Hennick Law, we strongly believe that finding you expedient and cost-effective solutions to your employment matters is always the best approach. We will work hard to ensure that no stone is left unturned in trying to achieve your desired goals.

At Hennick Law, advocacy is our talent and getting you the results you deserve is our passion, even if it means going to trial. We are ready to go that extra mile with your best interests always in mind.

The founding lawyer, Lawson Hennick is a proud member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and shares in their vision, which is to fearlessly champion, through the pursuit of the highest standards of advocacy, the cause of those who have suffered injustice.

We pride ourselves on giving our valued clients the individualized attention they should expect from their lawyer. At Hennick Law, you are never alone and you are our priority!

Hennick Law

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What Makes Us Different?

We Empathize With You

Standing in your shoes and taking the time to deeply understand your legal challenges are critical factors to our success. Through this approach, we will work with you to help restore the power imbalance between large companies and their employees during disputes. These companies can use their power and resources to instil fear and intimidation into the minds of those employees. At Hennick Law, we’ll make sure that your best interests are protected under the law.

We Provide Personalized Legal Services

Lawson Hennick will oversee your case from day one. Your case will not be passed down the chain of command to a junior lawyer or to someone else without your knowledge. We believe that fostering great client relationships is a key ingredient to success. We strive for excellence in this regard and are confident that you will notice the Hennick Law difference.

We Keep You Informed

We take it upon ourselves to keep you updated on all major steps in your case. We know how daunting litigation can be so we make it a point to keep you informed. Regular contact puts you at ease and helps us work together to craft the best outcome for your case.

We Are Cost Effective

We’re a small but focused law firm and we aren’t on Bay Street by choice. We don’t need fancy offices, grandiose artwork or large overhead to be great. We’d rather focus on our craft and pass the savings on to you.

Trust Our Experience

Do you have the right lawyer in your corner to fight for your employment rights?


Negotiation geared to maximizing your employment outcome


Preparation at every turn to outperform the other side


Inspiration to overcome challenges together

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Areas We Can Help You With


Employment Contract Reviews


Termination Package Reviews


Human Rights Violations upon Termination


Termination Without Cause


COVID-19 Terminations


Employment Advice for Employers

Other Employment Issues

What Our Clients Say

  • Lawson took the time to listen carefully and understand my legal problems from day one. He asked me all the right questions and was confident in the direction we went. He was responsive, trustworthy and highly effective.  I couldn’t be happier with the result of my case and couldn’t imagine hiring someone else, as I met with several lawyers previously but Lawson delivered!

    Daniel G.
  • Hennick Law is excellent...the personal attention, communication and concern that is shown is over & above any that I have gotten from other lawyers.  I totally recommend Lawson.  He truly cares.

    Tamra S.
  • Lawson is a fantastic lawyer and is very hard working. He is willing to go that extra mile to make his clients happy. I would highly recommend Hennick Law to anyone.

    Ruth K.

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